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Let your Healing Journey Begin

Some of the ways HOCATT™ could help.

  • Balances the Immune System/increase of white blood cells and stem cells
  • Inactivates Viruses, Bacteria, Yeast, Fungi and Parasites
  • Assists Natural Healing
  • Improve Mental Clarity and Memory
  • Enhances Sense of Well-Being (Sedation Effects on CNS)
  • Removes Toxins & Free Radicals
  • Resuscitates Mitochondria
  • Boosts Energy Levels (ATP)
  • Improves Sleep Patterns
  • Reduces Fibromyalgia impact
  • Improves Digestion and Elimination Processes
  • Improves Circulation/Cleans Arteries and Veins
  • Improve exercise recovery by speeding up Lactic Acid removal
  • Weight loss/burn up to 600 calories in 30 min
  • Reduce Cellulite in the legs
  • Helps fight Cancer cells
  • Helps Detoxify and Regenerate the entire body

30 Minute Sessions are the key to your Vitality!

You have just experienced the HOCATT™ – this is the only machine that can deliver multiple proven technologies in a single session. You will  have just spent 30 relaxing minutes gaining the advantages of all the applied technologies, without any stress trying to manage everything!  You’ll love wellness being made so simple and fast.

Each 30-minute session , you will experience multiple wellness technologies simultaneously, providing advanced detox, oxygenation, athletic improvement, beauty and anti-aging benefits, as well as overall wellness and vitality.

The only device of its kind, leveraging multi-technology helps you see results faster. It is recommended that you rest for at least 20 minutes after the session and then continue your day. 

After the Session you will feel clean and energised. You will not need to shower after the session like after normal exercise sessions as the Ozone remains on your skin and continues working for a few hours.

Why Choose The Ozone Room

We are an agile, dynamic team focused on delivering the best customer experience.

Tailored Solutions

We consider each client's needs to provide a solution that both maximizes your benefits from each session and matches your budget.

Best In Class Equipment

We investigated numerous options and eventually decided on the HOCATT™ system as it offered the most value during sessions thereby increasing benefits whilst saving clients time and money.

Client Focussed Team

Happy, Healthy Clients are our key focus. We often have innovative ways to ensure that the healing journey happens. Our times are flexible if need be.

Ozone Against Disease

Top 10 causes of death According to the World Health organisation are:

Deaths reported  in 2012

  • Heart disease – 7,4 million deaths

  • Stroke – 6,7 million deaths

  • Lung disease – 3,1 million deaths

  • Lower respiratory infection – 3,1 million deaths 

  • Lung cancer – 1,6 million deaths

  • HIV/ AIDS – 1,5 million deaths

  • Diarrhoeal disease – 1,5 million deaths

  • Diabetes – 1,5 million deaths

  • Road injury – 1,3 million deaths

  • Hypertensive heart disease – 1,1 million deaths

How Ozone can help with each disease

Most of these diseases can not be cured completely but there are definitely ways in slowing down the progress and eliminating the symptoms

Ozone Therapy is an alternative therapy and is non-invasive. Ozone can help 1st to 3rd world countries improve overall health and wellness and reduce the spread of disease.

Ozone can truly help you improve your overall health and prolong your life. Each Ozone Therapy session takes about 30-35 minutes and can be done daily.

Heart disease;  … neutralise toxins and impurities … clears plaque …

Stroke; … break up cholesterol, clear plaque … combat hardening of arteries …

Lower respiratory infection; … speed up recovery and help purify your blood …

Lung cancer; … can increase white blood cell production …

HIV/ AIDS; … balance your immune system, combat fatigue, reduce diarrhoea & vomiting and relieve headaches …

Healing Products

100% Natural, Boosting the Immune Sytem

One of the most trusted Ozone Technology System in the world!

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